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LIVE Group Mentorship: No need to struggle alone

Offering you mentorship with the benefit of receiving CE credits.
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LIVE Webinar! Register Now.

When: June 26 @4pm PT (7pm ET 
Where: Once registered, the link will be available in your online dashboard
Who: Presented by Nadia Rossi, RDH

 Learn the basics of hygiene billing and what codes are your responsibility
 How to create a full invoice for the time spent in the chair 
 How to decipher between different types of exams (spoiler, there's about 4 types!)
 Why lack of billing knowledge easily sets the path to unethical decisions, without you even knowing!


Place and Mentor Program

Really appreciate the help new grads can get through the team. The courses were very helpful. I would recommend it for anyone who's trying to start their first and second job!

Lisa Y.

It was the first time I was able to talk to a dentist and get some answers. Thank you for putting a fantastic discussion.

Jane B.

Work, learn, feel supported, and get additional perks 

Find dental hygiene opportunities.
Get CEUs.
Get mentorship.

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365 Study Club is open!

Largest continuing education and discussion platform in Canada.

Access everything

Library of education + LIVE courses

2x number of courses

A lot more courses than other paid platforms

RDH focused

Everything we do is for the RDHs

Renewals and QAP

Don't chase courses or renewals, we crafted a whole list of courses just for you


Hours of LIVE CEUs/year

Hours of LIVE + On-Demand CEUs/year

New courses

On-demand courses

Pay by Course
A la Carte

Access courses that suits your needs
$29 - $199
Workshops to be announced
  • We store your CE certificates
  • 20+ courses to choose from
  • Pay on the go
  • Focused what RDHs need
For the RDH who wants access to specific courses

365 Study Club

40+ hrs of LIVE webinars and On-demand courses
Special pricing $276/year
Value of $1200/year
  • 5+ hrs of courses/quarter
  • We store your CE certificates
  • Discussion with dentists
  • Discussions with specialists
  • 20+ hours of LIVE webinars
  • 20+ hours of ON-DEMAND courses
  • 40+ hours of CE/year guaranteed
  • Recordings
  • Indigenous cultural competency courses
  • Infection control courses
  • QAP discussions
  • Refresher courses
  • Oral myofunctional therapy course
  • Basic of sharpening course
  • Priority registration to hands one courses
For the RDH who wants to meet their requirements and get learn to be the best


 The difference:  DentalToaster Study Club, Canada

  More CE than other providers in Canada

We guarantee over 40 hours of CE with our Study Club compared to just 12 hrs of CE with some other providers.

  Break the mold

We bring you discussions and courses that involve dentists and periodontists. RDHs want more, and we deliver.

  24/7 Availability

Our On-Demand courses are available 24/7, so you can access the training you need whenever you need it.

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