RDHs, find the right opportunity

Take the anxiety out of job searching.
Plus, it costs you NOTHING to work with us. So, why not get the extra help? 
Go enjoy your coffee, we got your back.

Toronto RDHs, Dufferin Mall Dental is hiring!

New grads welcoming office, parking, public transit, 1 hr lunch...

What the Place and Mentor Program can do for you, RDH?

  • Resume, interview skills
  • Education before interview 
  • Vet opportunties
  • Spot the red flags
  • Filter jobs
  • Match candidates
  • Answer your questions
  • Mentorship

1. Permanent placement

Finding a job is easy. Finding the RIGHT job is difficult. Let us do the work, by sorting through offices. We screen offices: we decline red flag offices, and present you with great options.

Then, you interview with the right opportunties, wait for the offer, and start!

2. Mentorship (once hired)

This is a game-changer for dental offices and RDHs. During the first few months of employment, the lack of guidance can create dissatisfaction.

We are here to answer your questions, guide you (if you want), and also communicate to the offices.

How the Place and Mentor Program works

(Remember? It's FREE for you to start)



Tell us about you (start with a quick intake form and we will contact you for details).


Search, match

We look into our database, or we go on a search. for great opportunities.


Interview, finalize

We can help with negotiations, interview, etc. But ultimately it is up to you and the office to see if you vibe well, together!


Mentorship and education

During the probation period, we hold once a week group mentorship program. You can hear other RDHs struggles, we try to solve things together, and elevate each other!

Why use our Place and Mentor Program?

It's 100% free for RDHs

We cannot charge you! It's the hiring party who is responsible for the fees. There is ZERO risk for you. Only benefits!

CEUs and mentorship 

We are the only placement program that offers CEUs and mentorship after placement. Feel the support!

New grad guidance

Don't even know where to start? Worried about being inexperienced? Lean on us, we will hold your hand.
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Dufferin Dental is now hiring!

Work in an office that puts patient care first. Lead by a team dedicated to patient success, this office will encourage you to elevate your career. Click below to get our full report and get in touch with us.

CEUs and mentorship topics:

(If you register as an RDH seeking for opportunities, you get the courses for FREE)!

Other courses include:
  • Clear aligners, how to talk to your patients about it
  • The behind the scenes of a dental office
  • Working interviews
  • DSO vs Private offices, it's not black and white
  • Don't be lazy, what teamwork means
  • And more

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