RDH Place and Mentor Program

Offices: we can help you find the right RDH
RDHs: we can help you find the right dental opportunity

You get the advantage by working with us, because we already are a trusted education brand, with a community of 3000+ RDHs, in Canada.

Toronto RDHs, Dufferin Mall Dental is hiring!

New grads welcoming office, parking, public transit, 1 hr lunch...

Dental Offices

“It’s like outsourcing valuable training with the benefit of filling an open position” - Dr. V
Your time is precious. Delegate the task to find the right RDH. Also, delegate the task to get your new hire getting up to speed. We mentor them.

Dental offices, what we can do for you:

  • Share the job to our network of 3000+ RDHs

  • We have exlcusive access to new grads

  • Provide 10 CEUs to your hire through us (add to your benefits)

  • We provide mentorship to ensure retention

Dental Hygienists

“The mentorship made such a difference. I felt supported and I adjusted to the new office faster." - Melissa N, RDH
We are a team of RDHs (running the program), who understand you, office management, and education. We have your back.

RDHs, what we can do for you:

  • We understand your requirements

  • We provide 10 CEUs, in topics that offices care about

  • We set you up for success with our mentorship

  • We "vet" dental offices, using our extensive questionnaire

Our Advantages

Support through education

CEUs and mentorship can increase retention, satisfaction. You will be supported. You also save time training, and will get up to speed faster.

Sixth sense for job matches

Our head of careers and continuing education has managed large networks of dental offices. Her expertise as an RDH and manager give her the edge.

Network of 3000+ RDHs

DentalToaster.ca is continuously engaging with thousands of dental hygienists in Canada. We learn from them, and build trust. 

Exclusive access to new grads

We have the UNFAIR advantage of matching you with new grads. This is because our sister brand, StudentRDH.ca is the #1 dental hygiene boards review in Canada.

Courses included in your
RDH Place and Mentor Program

Setting the RDH and dental office for success

Other courses include:
  • Clear aligners, how to talk to your patients about it
  • The behind the scenes of a dental office
  • Working interviews
  • DSO vs Private offices, it's not black and white
  • Don't be lazy, what teamwork means
  • And more

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