Dental offices, find your RDH

Delegate the work to us.
Our goal: set you and your RDH for success.

Extra advantages to you

  • Delegate mentorship to us
  • You can include 10 CEUs part of your benefits
  • If you are open to new grads, we have exlcusive access

What Place and Mentor Program can do for you

1. Permanent placement

  • Understand your needs
  • Actively find candidates
  • Tap into our 3000+ RDH community
  • Vet candidates
  • Matching
  • Facilitate interviews

2. Mentorship (once hired)

  • Continuing education
  • Mentorship (during probation)
This is a game-changer for dental offices and RDHs. One of the reasons for dissatisfaction is the lack of guidance from the office during the first few months of employment.

Why is it so difficult to find the right RDH?

  • 15% of the RDH workforce exited during COVID. That leaves you with slim chances of finding an RDH.
  • The rates have increased.
  • Burnout is a HUGE issue. RDHs want to work less.
  • There is general dissatisfaction from RDHs towards their employers.

We can't solve all the problems, but we have some unique advantages

Network of 3000+ RDHs

We started as an education company. We have a long list of RDHs who are active. 
With your job offerings, we can tap into this network. 
We have a special connection with our audience, as they trust us through education. This trust translate to, we believe, willingness to work with us (so you can find your best RDH).

Education and mentorship

A "job" is not enough for retaining the RDHs. According to surveys, RDHs value continuing education and mentorship. In other words, they want to feel supported. You are busy working and running a successful practice. So, delegate CE and mentorship. Oh, and you can brag about 10 CEUs being a bonus!

Proactive search (on your behalf)

Indeed, for example, it's a "passive" way to recruiting. You post a job and wait. We go above and beyond.
We invite candidate to attend our "pitch" we do online, for you.
We invite all our RDH members to look at the jobs.
We incentivize RDHs to refer their friends.

How the Place and Mentor Program works

(Pricing and details to follow, after you fill out the initial intake form)



Tell us about you (location, resume, position, start date, etc.) It's important that we understand your goals well. 


Search, match

We look into our database, or we go on a search. We are proactive, networking, chatting with RDHs, and posting everywhere.


Interview, finalize

We can help with negotiations, interview, etc. But ultimately it is up to you to see if you can work together.


Mentorship and education

During probabtion period, we hold once a month group mentorship program. RDHs can ask questions, even vent (it's part of a healthy process), and get guidance. Especially if the RDH is a new grad, we teach them how to get up to speed.

CEUs and mentorship topics

(Curated according to what dental offices found valuable)

Other courses include:
  • Clear aligners, how to talk to your patients about it
  • The behind the scenes of a dental office
  • Working interviews
  • DSO vs Private offices, it's not black and white
  • Don't be lazy, what teamwork means
  • And more

Interested in getting our help to Place and Mentor?

Fill out the intake form -> We have a brief talk -> Get the details (pricing, terms, etc.) -> Sign, we go to work

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