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2024 graduates get $50 OFF

April 2024 cohort
Regular price: $97/month
Discount price: $47/month

Limited Seat!
100 seats per quarter
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New Grad RDH

This exclusive group is the safe place to ask questions, learn, find solutions, and even vent (it's ok!)

Next mentorship starts April 2024
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Note: DentalToaster and the new grads programs are extensions of StudentRDH

12 most important topics

only 100 members

ask your burning questions

Get answers and support

Exclusive! Only 100 members every quarter

Monthly course + mentorship

No Pressure: You can cancel the membership anytime!
I had so much anxiety being in a RDH new grad. I was shy to ask questions, and my dentist didn't have time for me. I had no mentorship at work. This mentorship program is great, I can just join from my phone, ask and learn.

Special offer:
2024 graduates get $50 OFF

April 2024 cohort
Regular price: $97/month
Discount price: $47/month

RDH new grad mentorship (online)

What is it?

  • Year-long program (BUT you can STOP anytime, no penalty)
  • 12 topics, 1 NEW per month
  • New courses, paired group mentorship
  • QA with your burning questions

Who is this for?

  • RDH new grads with 0-3 years experience
  • RDH in offices that do NOT provide support
  • RDH who are scared to ask questions
  • RDH who want to learn fast

How/when do we meet?

  • Course and meetings over Zoom
  • Every month, there is a NEW theme
  • 1 new course + 1 group mentorship monthly
  • All sessions are recorded

Special offer:
2024 graduates get $50 OFF

April 2024 cohort
Regular price: $97/month
Discount price: $47/month

Limited Seat! Only 100 seat per quarter!
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Don't suffer alone!
Find answers to real issues RDHs face. 

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I feel so much better that Claire and the StudentRDH team is mentoring me through this first year of being an RDH.

Special offer:
2024 graduates get $50 OFF

April 2024 cohort
Regular price: $97/month
Discount price: $47/month

Frequently asked questions

How does the mentorship works?

1. There is a LIVE online course, 1x/ month
2. There is a LIVE online group mentorship session, 1x/month
Being your burning questions, we will answer anything!
Example: My dentist is asking me why I am not seeling fluoride. I feel like I am forced to do it. What should I say?

I see there is a limited seat number, tell me more.

Only 100 seats are available each quarter. This is to ensure that we have a great group, with lots of interactions (online).
The mentorship program starts only each quarter (Jan, April, July, Oct). 
Example: If it is february right now, you can join the waitlist, and sign up when we open the 100 seats in March, for the mentorship cohort that starts in April.

What do we do in the mentorship sessions?

15 mins: small presentation, according to the topic of the month.
15 mins: disucssion among groups.
15 mins: shared thoughts.
30 mins: burning questions, solve them together with the guidance of the speaker.

What if I want to cancel?

You can cancel anytime. There is no penalty, you just attend however, many months you think is valuable for you.

What does the schedule look like?

Every month, we have a live course, followed by a live group mentorship session.
Learn more about a topic, and bring your burning questions. You can ask anything! We will answer them, if we can all find the answer right there for you, we will get back to you, because, if you have an itching question, that means, it is important for you.

Do the courses count towards CEUs?

Yes, you can use the credits towards your license renewal. DentalToaster is PACE certified.

Can I really ask anything?

You bet! That's why the mentorship is so awesome! If you are shy, or you just don't feel comfortable, asking all those questions on social media or to your coworkers, this is the perfect place to get your answers.

Who are the mentors?

FAQ 1 description

Do I need to participate?

If you don't feel like talking or sharing, you can sit back and listen.
You can take some valuable lessons from others who had burning questions.

Why is there a group mentorship session?

Our main support for the new graduates is Nadia, RDH. She is a previous user of StudentRDH, and in eight years, has accumulated a lot of extremely valuable experience. She works as a dental hygienist, and also until recently used to be the original manager of a large Dental corporation. She has so much to tell you, about the hiring process, about what the dentist really think about you, and what makes a dental hygienist valuable. She is very passionate about our new grads, and helping them become they are best selves.
We also have other dental, hygienist, speakers, and mentors, who are going to be leading the courses.

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