Deep Dive into BC Billings

Get to know the hygiene billing codes and when and how they should be billed. There's more to the story than what you've been taught!

Date: July 24, 2024
Time: 4pm PT (7pm ET)
Location: ZOOM

  • BC RDHs

  • 1 hour CEU

  • Real life skills

    Why take this course?

    • This course will:

      • Explore ethical boundaries and considerations in billing practices
      • Provide clarity on what you can and cannot bill during certain procedures
    • Participants will learn:

      • To navigate complex billing scenarios
      • Ensure compliance and integrity in their professional conduct

    Receive a CEU for launching your career to the next level. What will knowing this information do for you?
    • Increase your employability
    • Increase your chances of receiving a high wage/raise
    • Arming yourself with knowledge is arming yourself with power

    Receive 1 CEU for attending

    Deep Dive into BC Billings

    • Author: Nadia Rossi, RDH
    • Level: Everyone
    • Study time: 1 CEU
    • Video time: 1 Hour
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